Maria de Sousa Award 2021


The Maria de Sousa Award - 1st edition 2021 was delivered on the 24th November 2021 to five Portuguese researchers, in a ceremony that took place at Teatro Thalia, in Lisbon, and was presided by Prime Minister António Costa.

“BioTribo – Exploring biomaterials as triboelectric nanogenerators for cardiovascular applications”
Dr. Andreia Pereira

“The role of CCL2 and IL-8 in the microenvironment of pituitary neuroendocrine tumors: relationship with tumoral aggressiveness and their diagnostic-therapeutic usefulness”
Dr. Pedro Marques

“How to balance actomyosin-dependent forces to preserve epithelial tissue integrity”
Dr. Mariana Osswald

“The impact of parasite sequestration in trypanosomiasis severity”
Dr. Sara Silva Pereira

"Glycosylation of gastric cancer extracellular vesicles: its impact in cancer intercellular communication and its potential for biomarker discovery”
Dr. Daniela Freitas

Applications received


Rui Costa

Maria do Carmo Fonseca
Miguel Castelo-Branco
Joana Palha
Graça Porto

Find out more about the awarded works here.

Watch the Tribute Video to Prof. Maria de Sousa here.

Watch the awards ceremony here (Portuguese only) and watch the best of video below (Portuguese only).