Grants 2006


Automated testing for telepathy using emails and telephone calls

Rupert Sheldrake, Pamela Smart, David Luke
Perrot-Warrick Project, London (UK)
2007/10 - 2010/06

Further investigations of the I Ching: Reliability and replication studies

Lance Storm
Anomalous Psychology Research Unit, Dep. of Psychology, University of Adelaide (Australia)
2007/03 - 2008/05

The impact of mindfulness meditation on visuomotor performance and awareness of action: An EEG study of short- and long-term meditators

Stefan Schmidt, Jose Raul Naranjo
Institute of Environmental Medicine and Hospital Epidemiology, University Hospital Freiburg (Germany)
2007/05 - 2009/11

Vinculação em bebés institucionalizados e competência narrativa dos seus principais cuidadores: Estudo sobre a actividade cardíaca do bebé na interacção com a figura de cuidados através do BioBeAMS 2.0

Isabel Soares, João Paulo Silva Cunha, Margarida Isabel Rangel Santos Henriques, Carla Cristina Esteves Martins, Pedro Miguel Brito da Silva Dias
Centro de Investigação em Psicologia (CIPSi), Universidade do Minho, Braga (Portugal)
2007/04 - 2010/05

Massagem ao bebé prematuro em cuidados intensivos neonatais: Efeito no funcionamento psicofisiológico dos bebés e pais

Bárbara Figueiredo, Clara Sofia Domingues Paz Dias, Maria Alice Peixoto Freitas, Maria Agostinha Costa Andrade, Maria José Faria Novais Rebelo, Susana Nunes da Silva, Maria de Lurdes Alves Senra, Maria José Carvalho Ferreira, César Bessa Pinheiro Teixeira, Mariana Pinto Basto Teixeira, Diana Patrícia Pires Pinto, Mariana Bianchi de Aguiar, Ana Guedes, José Pombeiro
Centro de Investigação em Psicologia (CIPSi), Universidade do Minho, Braga (Portugal)
2007/07 - 2010/11

Does calcium leak in the brain cause mental retardation?

Xander Wehrens, Subeena Sood, Priyanka Desai
Baylor College of Medicine, Texas (USA)
2007/01 - 2009/12

The use of a biological marker, 5-HT2C genotype, as a predictor of motivation, adherence and weight loss in participants of an obesity intervention programme

Caroline Dalton, Jeff Breckon, Robert Copeland, Brian Hall, Gavin Reynolds
Biomedical Research Centre and Centre for Sport and Exercise Science, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, Sheffield (UK)
2007/04 - 2010/09

A review and analysis of conceptual frameworks in accounts of animal psi

Diane Dutton, Carl Williams
Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool (UK)
2007/09 - 2009/10

Developmental and genetic correlates of brain function in children at high - and low-risk for developing schizophrenia

Kristin Robyn Laurens, Sheilagh Hodgins, Robin M. Murray, Eric A. Taylor, Collier, Michael Rutter
Department of Forensic Mental Health Science, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London (UK)
2008/01 - 2011/07

The psychophysiology of neurological abnormalities in first episode psychosis and in healthy individuals - A study using multimodal brain imagin

Paola Dazzan, Philip McGuire, Carmine Pariante, Marta Di Forti, Julia Lappin, Valeria Mondelli
Division of Psychological Medicine, Institute of Psychiatry, London (UK)
2007/03 - 2010/09

Brain electric activity in meditation: Extension of earlier work and hypothesis testing

Dietrich Lehmann, Shisei Tei, Pascal Faber, Hiraoki Kumano, Lorena Gianotti, Roberto Pascual-Marqui
The KEY Institute for Brain-Mind Research, University Hospital of Psychiatry, Zurich (Switzerland)
2007/10 - 2011/01

Psychophysiological studies of memory for imagined and perceived events: The effects of schizotypy

Jane Herron, Lisa Evans
Cardiff University, School of Psychology, Cardiff, Wales (UK)
2007/04 - 2008/05

Exploring extrasensory perception under hypnosis stimulation: Personality, imagery, creativity dimension using emotional/neutral targets and relax-tension/hypnosis condition

Alejandro Parra, Juan Carlos Argibay, Sérgio Matteucci
Instituto de Psicologia Paranormal, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
2007/02 - 2009/01

Hallucination experience and psi: A psychological, psychopathological, psychophysiological and transcultural approach

Alejandro Parra, Luis Santiago Espinoza Paul
Universidad Abierta Interamericana, Facultad de Psicologia, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
2007/02 - 2009/01

Heterogeneity in high hypnotic suggestibility and its implications for the study of anomalous experiences

Devin Blair Terhune, Etzel Cardeña
Department of Psychology, Lund University, Lund (Sweden)
2007/09 - 2010/10

The diurnal pattern of cortisol secretion in relation to season in healthy participants and those with seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Angela Clow, Phil Evans, Frank Hucklebridge, Lisa Thorn
Psychophysiology and Stress Research Group, Dep. of Psychology and Human and Health Sciences, University of Westminster, London (UK)
2007/02 - 2009/05

Probing the human mirror neuron system using EEG: Action observation, error monitoring and empathy

Joseph Patrick Levy, Armanda Holmes, Lance Slade, Jonathan Silas, Maria Nielson
Centre for Research in Cognition, Emotion and Interaction, School of Human and Life Sciences, Roehampton University, London (UK)
2007/04 - 2011/09

Neural mechanisms of temporal discounting

Margaret Livingstone, Nancy Kanwisher, Johannes Haushofer, Camilo Libedinsky
Harvard Medical School, Dep. of Neurobiology, Boston (USA)
2007/02 - 2009/10

The pilgrimage project: A study of motivations and experiences in sacred spaces

Miguel Farias, Alana Harris, Christina Aus der Au, Katja Wiech, Pedro Soares, Wiebke Friese
Ian Ramsey Centre, University of Oxford (UK)
2007/03 - 2010/02

Brain imaging study of the psychological antecedents and neural correlates of moral judgement

Nicholas Shackel, Katja Wiech, Guy Kahane, Miguel Farias
Ian Ramsey Centre, University of Oxford (UK)
2007/02 - 2008/12

Exploring the relationship of out-of-body experiences and hallucinations: The role of depersonalization experiences

Carlos S. Alvarado, Nancy Zingrone
Parapsychology Foundation Satellite Office, Virginia (USA)
2007/03 - 2009/05

“Out of body” and “In the body” experience: Psychophysiology of bodily self-consciousness

Patrick Haggard
University College London Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, London (UK)
2007/09 - 2008/05

Ultra-weak photon emission and EEG in a study on color perception in the dark

Roeland Van Wijk, Bajpai, E. P. A. Van Wijk, S. Bosman, J. M. Acherman
International Institute of Biophysics, Neus (Germany)
2007/03 - 2008/04

Required time for cognitive and motor activities in lucid dreams

Daniel Erlacher, Michael Schredl, Carmen Gebhart
University of Heidelberg, Institute for Sport and Sports Science, Heidelberg (Germany)
2007/01 - 2009/01

The role of the cortico-basal ganglia circuit in learning and memory: From patient studies to functional neuroimaging

Marieke van Asselen, Albert Postma, António Freire Gonçalves, Inês Almeida, José Rebola
IBILI - Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal)
2008/01 - 2011/09

ERP correlates of relational learning: Testing a behavioural model of word webs

Simon Dymond, Lanny Fields
Wales Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Dep. of Psychology, University of Wales, Swansea (UK)
2007/01 - 2009/03

Understanding the role of dendrites in cortical information processing

Drazen Domijan, Mladenka Tkalcic, Mia Setic, Ana Prorokvic, Pavle Valerjev
Dep. of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Rijeka, Rijeka (Croatia)
2007/02 - 2010/02

The occurrence, phenomenology and psychological correlates of out-of-body and near death experiences

Craig Murray, David Wilde
Manchester University, Manchester (UK)
2007/06 - 2009/11

Advancing methodology in the psychophysiology of stress: Capturing the complexity of immunity

Matt Bristow, Rachel Cook
Department of Psychology, Anglia Ruskian University, Cambridge (UK)
2007/07 - 2011/03

Exploring the relationship between susceptibility to false memories and belief in and experience of the paranormal

Christopher Charles French, Krissy Wilson
Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit, Dep. of Psychology, Goldsmiths College, University of London (UK)
2010/02 - 2012/09

Feedback modulation of visual processing by limbic circuits: A functional connectivity approach to visual face processing / Modulação retroactiva do processamento visual medida por circuitos límbicos: Conectividade funcional dos circuitos envolvidos no processamento visual de faces

Miguel Castelo-Branco, Cristina Januário, Solange Silva, Aldina Reis, Catarina Mateus, Miguel Cordeiro
IBILI - Faculdade de Medicina, Coimbra (Portugal)
2008/01 - 2011/02

The meaning-switch - Investigation of pre-cognition in an operationally closed system

Walter von Lucadou, Matthias Braeunig, Tilmann Faul
T.REG Systems Research Labs, Staufen (Germany)
2007/07 - 2009/07

Psi related experiences and spatialization: The use of geographic information systems to investigate spontaneous psi phenomena and experient profiling

Roger Burrows, Madeleine Castro
Spatial Informatics Research and the Anomalous Experiences Research Unit, Department of Sociology, University of York (UK)
2008/10 - 2010/06

Paranormal belief and well-being: An exploratory of cognitive-perceptual bias

Neil Andrew Dagnall, Gary Munley, Andrew Parker
The Manchester Metropolitan University, Research Institute of Health and Social Change, Manchester (UK)
2007/02 - 2009/09

Psicoendocrinologia do comportamento parental humano: Alterações hormonais, síndrome de couvade e responsividade parental em pais-expectantes

Isabel Maria Pereira Leal, Rui Filipe Nunes Pais de Oliveira, Luís Gonçalves Sobrinho, Rita Maria Morgado Gomez
Centro de Investigação e Intervenção, Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada, Lisboa (Portugal)
2017/02 - 2019/01

Psychophysiological effects of human pheromones

Francisco Esteves, Mats Olsson, Johan Lundstrom, Pedro Barbas de Albuquerque, Maria Benedita Monteiro, Maria Paula Carneiro, Patrícia Arriaga Ferreira
Centro de Estudos e Intervenção Social, ISCTE, Lisboa (Portugal)
2007/05 - 2010/10

The effects of receiver/sender sex pairing, emotional and biological bond, and photic driving upon Ganzfeld ESP task success

Ben Roberts, Ian Hume, Laura Taylor
Coventry University, Psychology Department, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Coventry (UK)
2007/01 - 2013/11

How do we learn to associate events separate in time: a study using trace auditory fear conditioning

Marta de Aragão Pacheco Moita, Marta Guimarães
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras (Portugal)
2007/01 - 2010/07

The role of stress in cortico-basal ganglia loop processing and instrumental conditioning

Nuno Jorge Carvalho de Sousa, Rui Manuel Fernandes da Costa, Eduardo Miguel Gonçalves Dias Ferreira, João José Cerqueira, Pedro Alexandre Teixeira
Life and Health Sciences Research Unit, School of Health Sciences, University of Minho, Braga (Portugal)
2007/01 - 2010/02

Influências das emoções e dos sentimentos na percepção do tempo cronológico

Teresa Maria Morais Garcia-Marques, Alexandre Constâncio Fernandes
Unidade de Investigação em Psicologia, do Desenvolvimento e da Educação, Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada, Lisboa (Portugal)
2007/02 - 2010/10

Event-related brain potential correlates of conscious and non-conscious processing in anxiety

Anne Richards, Amanda Holmes, Emily Hannon
Birkbeck College, University of London and Roehampton University, London (UK)
2007/10 - 2010/11

Cognitive and affective trait effects of meditation-training on brain and behaviour. An event-related longitudinal fMRI study

Ulrike Halsband, Susanne Müller
Department of Psychology/Neuropsychology, University of Freiburg (Germany)
2007/03 - 2009/09

The measurement and characterization of charge accumulation and electromagnetic energy emissions from bioenergy healers: Part 2

William Joines
Rhine Research Centre, Durham, North Carolina (USA)
2007/02 - 2012/05

High-frequency oscillations and rhythmic slow activity during virtual navigation, REM sleep and wake-sleep transitions: Studies on intracranial recordings in humans

Péter Halász, Zsófia Clemens, Csaba Borbély, Daniel Fabó
Budapest-Bethel Epilepsy Center Foundation (BBEC), Budapest (Hungary)
2008/01 - 2009/10

Enhancing hit rates on psi tests with optimal levels of transliminality

James Houran
Integrated Knowledge Systems Inc., Springfield (USA)
2007/01 - 2008/07

The relation of mind to body. Psychophysiological studies of the placebo effect

Magne Arve Flaten, Oddmund Johansen, Terje Simonsen, Per M. Aslaksen, Peter Lyby, Espen Bjorkedal
Department of Psychology, University of Tromso (Norway)
2007/01 - 2010/05

Paranormal healing, paranormal belief, and physical and psychological well-being

Caroline Watt, Alison Easter
Koestler Parapsychology Unit, Psychology Department, The University of Edinburgh (UK)
2007/01 - 2009/03

Effects of hypnotizability on EEG and autonomic concomitants of imagery and emotion production

Zvonikov Vyacheslav Michailovich, Stroganova Tatiana Alexandrovna, Anna Kirenskaya, Vladimir Novototsky-Vlasov, Andrey Chistyakov
Serbsky National Research Centre for Social and Forensic Psychiatry, Moscow (Russia)
2007/06 - 2009/07

The sense of self in the brain: Neural correlates of self-recognition

Emmanouil (Manos) Tsakiris, Angela Sirigu, Patrick Haggard, Matteus Joffily
Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London (UK)
2007/09 - 2010/01

A study to assess the validity of Applied Kinesiology (AK) as a diagnostic tool and as a nonlocal proximity effect

Stephan Schwartz, Ginette Nachman, William Frazer Morris
Laboratories for Fundamental Research, California (USA)
2007/02 - 2010/01

Exploring the relationship between paranormal belief, the propensity to make the type I error and the detection of paranormal and weak signals amid visual and auditory noise

Christine Simmonds-Moore
Liverpool Hope University (UK)
2009/09 - 2011/01

Seeing the future: Exploring presentiment with eye gaze and pupillary dilation

Dean Radin
Institute of Noetic Sciences, California (USA)
2007/01 - 2008/10

Developing experience-sampling methodology to explore Psi in "every-day life"

Nicola Holt
Department of Sociology, University of York (UK)

Experimental investigation of a psi training program

Marilyn Schlitz, Dean Radin, Cassandra Vieten, Colin Cherot
Institute of Noetic Sciences, California (USA)
2007/05 - 2009/01

Brain activity during psychokinetic task - Research with near infrared spectroscopy

Mikio Yamamoto, Hideyuki Kokubo
Institute for Living Body Measurements, International Research Institute, Chiba (Japan)
2007/02 - 2008/04

Seeing into the future: Temporally reversed implicit perceptual priming

Jonathan Wolf Schooler, Merill McSpadden
University of California Santa Barbara (USA)
2007/05 - 2011/03

Effect of the comprehensive art of living yogic breathing programme on the physiological and psychological well-being

Sanja Kostrun, Irena Svenda, Sanja Kordic, Fahri Saatvcioglu, Hrvoje Tadic, Dr. Hujic Aleksandra
The Art of Living Foundation Croatia, Zagreb (Croatia)
2007/04 - 2009/09