Grants 2014


Exceptional human experiences: Prevalence, family background, and early maladaptive schemas

José Virgílio Gouveia Baltasar, Carlos Manuel Lopes Pires
Centro de Investigação em Estudos Regionais e Locais - CIERL, Funchal (Portugal)
2015/03 - 2016/12 Inconclusive Project

The dissociated self: An investigation of emotional responses to a new body-threat task in those predisposed to anomalous body experiences, dissociation and disembodiment

Jason John Braithwaite
School of Psychology, University of Birmingham (UK)
2015/09 - 2018/07

Optogenetic circuit dissection of neural instructive signals for cerebellum-dependent learning

Dominique Leon Pritchett, Catarina Albergaria, Megan R. Carey
Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisboa (Portugal)
2015/06 - 2018/09

Electrophysiological correlates of the incorporation of recent memory sources into REM and non-REM dreams and of levels of insight following REM and non-REM dream interpretation

Mark Blagrove, Chris Edwards, Jean-Baptiste Eichenlaub, Perrine Ruby
College of Human and Health Sciences, Department of Psychology, Swansea University (UK)
2015/03 - 2017/11

The clinical gut: Examining the cognitive processes and neural underpinnings of judgments, feelings of rightness and its impact on information seeking

Ana Sofia Bilreiro Jacinto Braga, Anne Krendl, Cara Charissa Lewis, Cilia Witteman, Elizabeth Collins, João Braga
Centro de Investigação e Intervenção Social (CIS-IUL), ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (Portugal); Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences - Indiana University Bloomington (USA)
2015/05 - 2021/02

Following my heart: Interoceptive sensitivity in infant cognitive development

Emmanouil Tsakiris, Lara Maister
Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London (UK)
2015/09 - 2017/07

Recursive consciousness training: Using neurofeedback to induce altered states

Amir Raz, Niels Birbaumer, Robert T Thibault
Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University (Canada); Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology, University of Tübingen (Germany)
2015/09 - 2017/11

Maternal brain gain: Changes in neural representations and body perception during pregnancy

Jane Aspell, Flavia Cardini
Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (UK)
2015/11 - 2019/06

Internal and external world in parietal cortex

Paolo Capotosto
Department of Neuroscience, Imaging and Clinical Science, University "G. D'Annunzio", Chieti (Italy)
2015/02 - 2016/09

Autonomic nerve recordings applied as a novel psychophysiological tool for Consciousness Science

Hugo Dyfrig Critchley, Peter Taggart, Yrsa Sverrisdottir
Brighton and Sussex Medical School, University of Sussex (UK); Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford (UK)
2015/09 - 2021/11

How memories form: Does consistency in neural activity promote successful learning?

Louis Renoult, Fraser Smith
School of Psychology, University of East Anglia, Norwich (UK)
2015/01 - 2019/05

Individual differences in psychosocial and neurological predictors of surveillance detection via extrasensory means

Ross Friday
University of Greenwich, London (UK)
2015/05 -2023/07

From audio-visual perception to action: The processing of spatio-temporal components

Sandra Mouta, Joana Vieira
AssociationCCG/ZGDV – Centro de Computação Gráfica, Guimarães (Portugal)
2015/10 - 2019/03

Measuring the self: Behavioural and neural correlates of bodily awareness

Emmanuele Tidoni, Gaetano Tieri, Matteo Candidi, Salvatore Maria Aglioti
Social Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Department of Psychology, University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Italy)
2015/02 - 2017/03

Individual differences in infants' stress reactivity

Edward Charles Tronick, Erin Duffy, Jennifer A. DiCorcia
Child Development Unit, University of Massachusetts Boston (USA)
2015/04 - 2018/06

Sacred values underlying conflict proneness: A neuroimaging study of religious and nationalist radicals

Adolf Tobena, Clara Pretus, Joseph Hilferty, Oscar Vilarroya, Scott Atran
Department of Psychiatry and Forensic Medicine UAB, Bellaterra Campus (Spain)
2015/02 - 2019/04

A study of the relationship between mindfulness, distraction and brain stimulation

Fabrice Parmentier, Javier Garcia-Campayo, Margalida Gili-Planas, Mauro García-Toro, Pilar Andrés
University of the Balearic Islands, Palma (Spain); Hospital Universitario Miguelñ Servet, Zaragoza (Spain)
2015/06 - 2019/07

Cognitive mechanisms of word learning: Contributions from amnesic patients and healthy ageing

Tânia Patrícia Gregório Fernandes, Ana Luísa Nunes Raposo, Maria Isabel Segurado Pavão Martins Catarino Petiz, Rita Isabel Saraiva Jerónimo
Faculdade de Psicologia da Universidade de Lisboa - FP-ULisboa (Portugal)
2016/02 - 2019/07

Decoding neural representations of human tool use from fMRI response patterns

Stephanie Batista Rossit, Fraser Wilson Smith
School of Psychology, University of East Anglia, Norwich (UK)
2015/10 - 2020/11

Examination of brain coordination dynamics underlying hypnosis and volitional acts using intracranial electroencephalography

Jose Luis Perez Velazquez, Navinder Persaud, Taufik A. Valiante
Hospital for Sick Children, Neurology, University of Toronto (Canada); Toronto Western Hospital (Canada)
2015/05 - 2017/11

The role of astrocytes in complex cognitive processing

João Filipe Pedreira de Oliveira, Joana Correia, Luísa Pinto, Nuno Dias, Sónia Guerra Gomes, Vanessa Sardinha, Inês Caetano Campos
Life and Health Sciences Research Institute - ICVS/3B's- Government Associate Laboratory, Universidade do Minho, Braga (Portugal)
2015/10 - 2019/11

Mind to mind: Brain dynamics of distant focused intention for consciousness expansion

Anabela Ventura Carraça, Carlos Miguel Loureiro Siopa
LIMMIT - Laboratory of Mind-Matter Interaction with Therapeutic Intention, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)
2015/04 - 2019/04

Pushing consciousness and selfhood towards their boundaries - An EEG neurophenomenological study

Joseph Glicksohn, Aviva Berkovich-Ohana, Tal Dotan Ben-Soussan
Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan (Israel); Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti, Assisi (Italy)
2015/02 - 2019/03

Training anomalous cognition in a motor task with subliminal auditory feedback

John Albert Palmer
Rhine Research Center, Durham, NC (USA)
2015/04 - 2018/02

Inhibitory processing in the aging brain: Disentangling the effects of age, chronotype, time of day and executive control

José Augusto Simões Gonçalves Leitão, Ana Cardoso Allen Gomes, Chiara Guerrini, Isabel Maria Barbas dos Santos
Centro de Investigação do Núcleo de Estudos e Intervenção Cognitivo-Comportamental - CINEICC, Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal)
2016/01 - 2020/09

The role of affective dimensions in the perception of facial expressions of emotion: Neuropsychophysiological, developmental, and neuroimaging examination of an affective predictive coding framework

Fernando Ricardo Ferreira Santos, Eva Inês Costa Martins, Francisco Sá Ferreira Loureiro Pipa, Manuel Fernando Santos Barbosa, Michelle de Haan, Pedro Manuel Rocha Almeida, Tiago de Oliveira Paiva, Torsten Baldeweg
Laboratory of Neuropsychophysiology - Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto (Portugal)
2015/10 - 2021/01

Induced brain plasticity after perinatal stroke: Structural and functional connectivity

Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells, Alfredo García-Alix, Carme Fons, Clément François, Jordi Muchart, Laura Bosch, Mónica Rebollo, Pablo Ripollés
Department of Basic Psychology, University of Barcelona (Spain); Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, Esplugues de Llobregat (Spain)
2015/02 - 2017/09

Anomalous/paranormal experiences reported by nurses themselves and in relation with theirs patients in hospitals: Examining psychological, personality and phenomenological variables

Alejandro Enrique Parra
Instituto de Psicologia Paranormal, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
2015/03 - 2017/03

Signal or noise? Using a psychophysical approach to investigate the effects of attention and neurofeedback training on electrocortical predictive anticipatory activity (PAA) to true random stimuli

Michael Franklin, Jonathan Schooler, Stephen Baumgart
Department of Psychology and Brain Sciences, University of California at Santa Barbara (USA)
2015/04 - 2024/01

The impact of lipid signaling modulation in cognition

Tiago Gil Rodrigues Oliveira, Isabel Maria Sousa Castanho, Neide Marina Vieira Pereira, Rita Catarina Ribeiro da Silva, Vítor Manuel da Silva Pinto
Life and Health Sciences Institute - ICVS, School of Health Sciences, University of Minho, Braga (Portugal)
2015/05 - 2019/09

Genetics of psychic ability

Dean Radin, Garret Yount, Garry Nolan
Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, California (USA); Stanford University (USA)
2015/07 - 2019/06

Psi-Q: A smartphone testing suite for psi ability

Dean Radin, Arnaud Delorme
Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, California (USA)
2015/07 - 2017/07

The neurophysiology of vocal imitation of speech

Patricia Martine Adank, Joseph Devlin
UCL, Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences, Division of Psychology and Language, London (UK)
2015/10 - 2017/11

EEG localization and individual variability in response to emotional stimuli

William E. Bunney, Blynn G. Bunney, James Fallon, Joseph C. Wu, Julie Patterson, Richard Alan Stein
The Regents of the University of California, Irvine (USA)
2017/03 - 2021/05

Vestibular updating and the continuity of awareness

Patrick Haggard, Elisa Raffaella Ferre,Maria Gallagher,Giulia Ellena
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London (UK)
2015/10 - 2017/11

Cortical excitability and connectivity in the lifespan: a neurophysiological study

Anna Fertonani, Cornelia Pirulli,Alice Bollini
IRCCS Istituto Centro San Giovanni di Dio Fatebenefratelli, Brescia (Italy)
2015/09 - 2019/06

Facial and bodily temperature maps of emotions

Maria Lucia Martins das Neves Garrido, Lisa Katharina Kuhn, Nicholas Pound
Division of Psychology, Department of Life Sciences, Brunel University, Uxbridge (UK)
2015/01 - 2022/11
Inconclusive project

The mindful eye: Smooth pursuit and saccadic eye movements in meditators and non-meditators

Veena Kumari, Elena Antonova
Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London (UK)
2015/04 - 2017/01

Identifying and characterizing the neuronal circuits required for nutrient choice and their effects on aging

Carlos Ribeiro, Ana Paula Elias, Matthew D. W. Piper, Samantha Herbert, Samuel Walker
Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisboa (Portugal)
2015/05 - 2017/07

Cryptochrome (CRY) and intention

Yung-Jong Shiah, Hsu-Liang Hsieh, Dean Radin
Graduate Institute of Counseling Psychology and Rehabilitation Counseling of the National Kaohsiung Normal University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (China); Photobiology Lab, Taipei, Taiwan (China)
2015/09 - 2017/06

Neurofeedback-based adaptive audiovisual tutorial for enhancing multi-modal learning

Rainer Wilhelm Goebel, Gal Raz, Talma Hendler
Maastricht Brain Imaging Centre, Maastricht University (The Netherlands); The Medical Research Infrastructure and health services fund at the Tel Aviv Medical center (Israel)
2015/12 -2023/05

The impact of music training on reading and mathematical abilities of normal and reading disabled children: a behavioral and neuroimaging longitudinal study

Maria de São Luís Vasconcelos da Fonseca e Castro Schöner, Christian Gaser, Daniela da Costa Coimbra, Marta Sofia Pinto Martins
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at University of Porto, FPCEUP / Centre for Psychology at University of Porto (Portugal); Structural Brain Mapping Group/ Department of Psychiatry - Jena University Hospital (Germany)
2015/10 - 2019/09

A study of heterogeneity in parapsychological databases

Peter Amalric Bancel
Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, California (USA); Institut Métapsychique International, Paris (France)
2015/06 - 2018/05

Neural correlates of tracking changing positions of objects

Christina Jayne Howard, Matthew K Belmonte
Division of Psychology, Nottingham Trent University (UK)
2015/02 - 2017/07

Affiliative touch & Emotion regulation

Francis McGlone, Peter Cannon, Ralph Pawling, Susannah Claire Walker
School of Natural Sciences and Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University (UK); Massey University, Albany (New Zealand)
2015/10 - 2023/10

Neural mechanisms of social cognition in zebrafish

Ana Rita Silva Martins Nunes
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia, Oeiras (Portugal)
2015/05 - 2019/11

A question of belief: An analysis of item content in paranormal belief questionnaires

Lance Storm, Ken Drinkwater, Anthony Jinks
Brain and Cognition Centre, School of Psychology, University of Adelaide (Australia); Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care, Manchester (UK)
2015/04 - 2017/07

Proteotoxic insults and synaptic dysfunction in the aging brain

Cláudio Emanuel Moreira Gomes, Andreas Martin Grabrucker, Joana Margarida Lopes da Silva Cristóvão, Javier Fernandez, Rodrigo David, Mariana Romão, Simone Hagmeyer
FCiências.ID – Associação para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Ciências (Portugal); Neurocenter of Ulm University (Germany)
2015/06 - 2019/01

An integrative approach to the neural basis of hypnotic suggestibility

Devin Blair Terhune
Goldsmiths, University of London (UK)
2015/04 - 2017/09

Neural basis of mother-child relationship processes: Neural events, theta dynamics, and oxytocin

Michael J Crowley, Omri Weisman, Richard M. Pasco Fearon, William Moran, Yael Shmueli-Goetz, Lauren Vazquez
Child Study Center, School of Medicine, Yale University, New Haven (USA)
2015/10 - 2021/09

Cognitive and personality differences in supernatural belief

Ian Scott Baker, David Sheffield, Malcolm Schofield, Paul Staples
College of Life and Natural Sciences, University of Derby (UK)
2015/06 - 2017/10

Changes in subjective time as indication of increased mindfulness after meditation

Marc Christoph Wittmann
Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health, Freiburg (Germany); Department of Psychosomatic Medicine, University Medical Center Freiburg (Germany)
2015/04 - 2019/06

Development and implementation of a comprehensive survey of secular American mediums

Julie Beischel, Chad Mosher, Mark Boccuzzi
The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential, Tucson (USA)
2015/07 - 2018/06

Multimodal mapping of visual motion perceptual decision: Dissecting the role of different motion integration areas in visual surface reconstruction

Miguel de Sá e Sousa de Castelo Branco, Gabriel Nascimento Ferreira da Costa, Gilberto Silva, João Valente Duarte, Ricardo Martins
ICNAS - Institute for Nuclear Sciences Applied to Health, Coimbra (Portugal); IBILI - Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Life Sciences, Coimbra (Portugal)
2016/02 - 2017/10

Lateralisation of cognitive functions in the brain: Typical vs. atypical patterns

Deborah J Serrien
School of Psychology, University of Nottingham (UK)
2015/10 - 2018/11

Using neural stimulation to modulate paranormal beliefs

Miguel Farias, Ute Kreplin
Centre for Research in Psychology, Behaviour and Achievement, Coventry University (UK)
2015/12 - 2017/10

Effects of neurofeedback on functional connectivity and EEG power density

Pedro Jose Montoya Jimenez, Beatriz Rey Solaz, Inmaculada Riquelme, Miguel Angel Munoz Garcia, Niels Birbaumer
Research Institute on Health Sciences, University of Balearic Islands, Palma (Spain)
2015/03 - 2019/06

Remote meditation support - A multimodal distant intention experiment

Stefan Schmidt, Han-gue Jo, Marc Wittmann, Thilo Hinterberger,Wolfgang Ambach
Department of Psychosomatic Medicine, University Medical Center Freiburg (Germany); Institut für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene, Freiburg (Germany)
2015/05 - 2019/01

Are free will and moral responsibility real or illusory? On the causal role of consciousness in decision-making, a combined EEG and intracranial study

Uri M. Maoz
California Institute of Technology – Caltech, Pasadena (USA)
2016/02 - 2019/06

Demixing and visualizing neural population activity in higher cortical areas

Dmitry Kobak, Christian Machens
Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisboa (Portugal)
2015/01 - 2017/02

Brain-to-brain communication: Evaluating the macro-entanglement hypothesis using fMRI technology

Leanna J. Standish
University of Washington, Radiology Department Diagnostic Imaging Sciences Center, Kenmore (USA)
2016/02 - 2019/05

Embodiment of the mind: Disentangling motor and cognitive processes during decision making with prior expectations

Christoph Thomas Weidemann, Flavia Filimon
College of Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University (UK)

Is the matrix-experiment really a robust and artifact free experimental model to demonstrate generalized entanglement effects?

Harald Walach
Institute of Transcultural Health Studies, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt Oder (Germany)
2016/01 - 2021/03

Skin Conductance Feedback Meditation (SCFM) – Exploring the role of skin conductance in meditative practice

Thilo Hinterberger
Department of Psychosomatic Medicine, Clinic of the University of Regensburg (Germany)
2016/03 - 2017/08

The role of dopamine in behavioral exploration and action selection

Aaron Christopher Koralek
Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme, Lisboa (Portugal)
2015/03 - 2018/06

Gliogenesis control of brain neuroplasticity, neurophysiology and cognitive function

Luísa Alexandra Meireles Pinto, Ana Rita Machado dos Santos, António Maria Restolho Mateus Pinheiro, Joana Sofia da Silva Correia, João Filipe Pedreira de Oliveira, João Miguel Bessa Peixoto, Nuno Dinis Alves, Vítor Manuel da Silva Pinto
Life and Health Sciences Research Institute - ICVS/3B's- Government Associate Laboratory, Universidade do Minho, Braga (Portugal); Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, University of Coimbra (Portugal)
2015/09 - 2019/10

Psychophysiological detection of feigned memory complaints

Sara Cavaco, Filomena Gomes
Centro Hospitalar do Porto - Hospital Santo António (Portugal); Faculdade de Medicina do Porto (Portugal)
2016/05 - 2023/11

Neurochemical substrates of neurofeedback

Tomas Ros, Nathalie Ginovart
Interfacultary Center for Neuroscience, University of Geneva (Switzerland); Division of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospitals Geneva (Switzerland)
2016/04 - 2020/09

The role of experimenter and participant mindset in the replication of psi experiments: Phase II of a global initiative

Marilyn Schlitz
Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, California (USA)
2015/07 - 2017/07

An examination of the effects of mood and emotion on a real-world computer system and networking environment

John G. Kruth
Rhine Research Center, Durham (USA)
2015/05 - 2019/01

Episodic memory enhancement in aging: the role of cognitive training combined with (bilateral) tDCS in the medial-temporal cortex and cerebellum on episodic memory performance in the elderly

Mário Manuel Rodrigues Simões, Filipe Fernandes, Jorge Evandro de Araújo Alves, Marcel Simis, Ana Rita Simões Martins, Jorge Almeida
CINEICC - Centro de Investigação do Núcleo de Estudos e Intervenção Cognitivo-Comportamental/Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal)
2015/07 - 2022/03

The Selfield: Optimizing precognition research

Mario Varvoglis, Peter Bancel
Institut Metapsychique International, Paris (France); Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, California (USA)
2015/09 - 2018/07

Hypnosis unfolds: Hypnotic suggestion and patterns of whole-brain dynamics

Marios Kittenis
Department of Psychology - School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, University of Edinburgh (Scotland)
2016/06 - 2023/01
Inconclusive project

Psi performance in attenuated electromagnetic fields

Michelle Fauver, Glenn Hartelius, Richard Knowles
California Institute of Integral Studies, Embodied Consciousness Research Group, San Francisco (USA)
2015/01 - 2024/05

Exploring unconscious knowledge: Individual differences in ideomotor response

Jeremy Olson, Amir Raz, Mathieu Landry
Raz Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, McGill University, Montreal (Canada); Montreal Neurological Institute (Canada)
2015/08 - 2017/06

Neural oscillations underlie individual differences in brightness perception

James Stuart Peter Macdonald
Department of Psychology, University of Roehampton, London (UK)
2015/11 - 2021/07

Void consciousness: Investigating the neural network correlates of an exceptional meditative experience with EEG-MREG

Ulf Winter, Pierre LeVan, Stefan Martin Schmidt
Department of Psychosomatic Medicine, University Medical Center Freiburg (Germany); Dept. of Radiology, Medical Physics, University Medical Center Freiburg (Germany)
2015/09 - 2020/03

The Aging Social Brain - Neural and behavioral age-related changes in social cognition and decision-making

João Eduardo Marques Teixeira, Manuel Fernando Santos Barbosa, Fernando Ricardo Ferreira Santos, Pedro Manuel Rocha Almeida, Hugo Daniel Leão Sousa
Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação, Universidade do Porto (Portugal)
2014/11 – 2018/01

Aware Mind-Brain: Bridging insights on the mechanisms and neural substrates of human awareness and meditation

Antonino Raffone, Salvatore Maria Aglioti, Henk P. Barendregt, Fabio M. Giommi, Juliana Jordanova, Peter Malinowski, Stephen Whitmarsh
ECONA - Interuniversity Center for Cognitive Processing in Natural and Artificial Systems, Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” (Italy)
2015/11 - 2019/02